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Form, Function & Fun w/ EverBlock

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Play can boost physical development, promote healthy lifestyles, and even help children perform better in school. As adults, we scale back (or delete) playtime in favor of work and other commitments but the benefits of play never go away. According to a 2014 segment on NPR, play is an important part of adult community building, mental […]

Listen Up!

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The sound of a needle dropping lightly into the grooves of fresh picked vinyl is quite satisfying- a faint garble of static before the notes start pouring forth. It’s exciting to see more and more vinyl records available everyday- reissues and new releases, both. Perhaps the sweet 70’s flare of HBO’s Vinyl will kick things into […]

Achieving Greatness w/ Gondolas 4 All

Gondolas for all

Dreams really do come true. Last month the dream of gondolier Alessandro Dalla Pieta, Co-Founder of  Gondolas 4 All, became a reality as he saw the first wheelchair-bound rider use the automatic lift he designed to help mobility challenged individuals experience Venice’s gondolas. March 11, 2016 was a very special day, indeed. Gondolas 4 All’s maiden voyage using proprietary lift […]

The Making Of Miss India America

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Storytellers, really good ones, weave colorful threads of heart, sadness, discovery, joy, reflection and truth into narratives that are often times deeply personal. Filmmakers and artists, like Meera Simhan and Ravi Kapoor, are not only adept at crafting a story, but blessed with the ability to bring it to life with lively visuals and a […]

25 Palm Springs Hot Spots to Hit @ Coachella

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Our Local’s Guide to Palm Springs Hot Spots is done a little differently. Over the years, we’ve read countless Palm Springs guides to the desert resort town that seem to focus on the same spots, over and over, that highlight big names versus small discoveries. In other words, not where the locals hang. This 25 Palm Springs Hot […]

Drink In Sisters of Los Angeles- Modern, City Inspired Gifts

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The connection between products and places has always been significant, mementos serving as a physical reminder of an experience we want to recall again and again. Concert t-shirts, coffee mugs, shot glasses and tote bags emblazoned with a logo and/or date of a particular event are ultra popular, nostalgic even. The gift and souvenir market […]

Global Happiness, Unwrapped

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The World Happiness Report has been published annually in advance of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness (March 20), and in it are some fascinating factoids. A few tidbits about what makes humans tick, yes, but the report provides an absorbing and statistically sound look on what, ultimately, is our innate need to feel […]

Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Urban Winery

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Rolling hills, vines for days and a naturally rustic setting- the mental picture of a winery is easy to conjure up. A destination with logo’d glasses and a sunny patio on which to enjoy your cheese plate. Fabulous? Yes, but not always forward thinking. Infinite Monkey Theorem is bringing an entirely new view, and vibe, to […]

3 Favorite Brands: March

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I’m drawn to unconventional brand stories, and each of this month’s favorites has its own decidely unique narrative. Three modern brands; two that forged forward through the decades to re-energize personal audio and a third, Spiritual Gangster, that’s bringing a fresh take to today’s hot athleisure trend. Together, they’re the perfect trifecta for turning up the volume while laying low. Marshall […]

Hustlin’ With HoboJane Boutique

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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. – Oscar Wilde.  A dreamer, visionary and creative soul, Sara Jane Martini has a god given gift for being out in front of trends. Fashion, lifestyle, beauty and […]