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Why Male Rompers Are All Over Your Instagram

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Right, wrong or dead on, male rompers are absolutely a thing. The white hot, pastel-infused onesie has invaded your Instagram…and the summer has only just begun. For this, we can thank Romp Him, a Kickstarter-funded startup that raised over $350,000 in less than 7 days to bring their modern male romper to life. Available in chambray, […]

Winc- How One Brand Changed the Way We Wine

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The act of discovery, of anything really, is deliciously gratifying, and for me, even slightly addictive. I love getting turned on to new brands, new tastes and new adventures. So when I happened upon Winc, a brand curating boutique, standout wines from points near and far, it tickled my fancy in more ways than one. […]

Why Probiotics Are Popping Up Everywhere

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Probiotic products are popping up everywhere- natural foods stores, farmers markets, speciality grocers and, yes, at the beauty retailer (more on that later). If you’re not familiar with their benefits, probiotics are essential, good bacteria that are responsible for nutrient absorption and immunity system support. Probiotics line the digestive track and can help fend off digestive disorders, skin issues, […]

Intro to Emotional Branding- Great Brands Feel vs. Think

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Emotional branding is real, ever-present and the most poignant way to connect with any audience. I believe that with my whole heart. Brands that resonate with their core audience call upon big “feels” to connect their message, product or ideals, and inspire that audience to then take action. Whether the motivation digs deep or hits a superficial […]

4 Top Tactics for A Back to School Sales Boost

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Back to school happens before most of us are ready to give up our beach gear, typically July into August. In 2016, the back to school buying season set records here in the United States with the average household spending $673 each, a figure up nearly 7% from 2015. In fact, school-shopping season is so popular […]

The Hot List: Hotel Marketing

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Pack your bags for adventure. Air travel is up in 2016, in some cases showing double digit growth. Specifically, international air traffic to and from the United States say a 7% increase. Travel within the U.S. jumped a healthy 12% compared to the first quarter of 2015, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. […]

Listen Up!

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The sound of a needle dropping lightly into the grooves of fresh picked vinyl is quite satisfying- a faint garble of static before the notes start pouring forth. It’s exciting to see more and more vinyl records available everyday- reissues and new releases, both. Perhaps the sweet 70’s flare of HBO’s Vinyl will kick things into […]

The Making Of Miss India America

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Storytellers, really good ones, weave colorful threads of heart, sadness, discovery, joy, reflection and truth into narratives that are often times deeply personal. Filmmakers and artists, like Meera Simhan and Ravi Kapoor, are not only adept at crafting a story, but blessed with the ability to bring it to life with lively visuals and a […]

Global Happiness, Unwrapped

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The World Happiness Report has been published annually in advance of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness (March 20), and in it are some fascinating factoids. A few tidbits about what makes humans tick, yes, but the report provides an absorbing and statistically sound look on what, ultimately, is our innate need to feel […]

Millennials, Meet Moxy Hotels

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The travel industry has undergone a dramatic reinvention over the last 20 years, with technology playing a vital role in the transformation. Everything is quicker, slicker and certainly more mobile centric. At Marriott International hotels, their mobile, app-based check in makes it easy to have keys in hand upon arrival in about five seconds flat. […]