Advice from Today’s Top CEOs

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Dreaming of running your own big, bold, profitable business is one thing, getting that dream off the ground is entirely different. Success comes in many forms, true, but the CEOs of some of today’s most innovative and exciting businesses have a handful of similarities. Touting endurance, team work, positivity and an talent for thinking beyond the […]

Your Brain on Marketing

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Tis the season for advertising that tugs on our heartstrings.  I’ll admit – I’m the first to get weepy over a great commercial.  This holiday my favorite is Ikea’s “The Other Letter.” In a world full of marketing manufactured emotion, this is the real deal. But what’s fascinating to me as a marketer is the science behind […]

Ready. Set. Strategize.

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Right after the wooziness of Thanksgiving wears off, the realization that the end of the year is near kicks in. For us marketers, this time of year brings excitement (or anxiety) over Q4 sales numbers partnered with the last minute frenzy of finalizing brand plans for the coming year. Yeah, I know you big guys have been […]

5 S’s of Influencer Marketing Success

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Move over celebrities, there’s a new type of influencer in town. For those of you new to the game, Influencer Marketing is essentially a form of marketing that utilizes individuals with influence over your potential buyers. One of the main drivers of Influencer Marketing is the shift in consumer attention. With social media consuming over 2.5 […]

Your Brand Story Is Not A Fairytale

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Today more than ever, brands earn trust through authenticity. It’s true. Weaving fantastical stories together to offer a false sense of promise is no longer customary in the world of marketing. Using specific hair pomade won’t get you the girl and cigarettes are definitely not doctor endorsed, as 1960’s advertising would have had you believe. […]

How Strong is Your Brand?

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Healthy brands consistently take fitness tests to assess their level of strength and agility. Brands, much like people, sometimes get off track and lose a little muscle. The first in an ongoing series of downloadable tools from Brandettes, this quick quiz is designed to get you past what’s now, to focus on what’s next. When is […]

7 Secrets to Winning a Product Award

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Most of us in the beauty industry really love what we do.  So when product award season comes around, getting outside validation for a product that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is about as good as it gets. The competition can be fierce – awards have the power to drive significant product sales […]

3 Culinary Inspired Beauty Trends


Mango and White Ginger. Sprouted Mineral Greens. Sea Cucumber. What reads like a farm-to-table restaurant menu is actually a roster of latest and greatest culinary inspired beauty products. As the health and wellness movement continues to drive the popularity of farmers markets and farm-to-table concepts, consumers are embracing the belief that beauty, like health, really […]

How to Master the On-Air Sell – (Part 2)

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As we stated here, selling a product on live television is no walk in the park – unless the park is a circus and you’re doing the juggling act. In Part 1, we outlined three key factors that contribute to a product’s on-air success: Uniqueness, Demonstrability and the Before & After.   Today we’ll look at three more: Claims. […]

Snailed It- Slugs in Skincare

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Skincare is such an exciting product category, as there is near constant innovation (see another hot trend here). As long as consumers are combating skin damage, fine lines and acne, there will be millions of dollars in research and testing poured into the latest miracle cures- and some of them really do make an impact. […]