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On-page SEO is an incredibly important part of driving traffic to your site, especially if you’re still looking to establish yourself in your niche. This is because “good” on-page SEO allows your website to rank high on search engines, like Google. This allows hoards of potential customers to see and arrive at your site, especially if it’s at the top of the rankings. Better yet, it’s all free.

However, being free means that the market is oversaturated with web pages and sites who want to take advantage of on-page SEO. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re doing SEO right. Lucky for you, our on page SEO services are here to help you out. With a team of experienced copywriters, web developers, and SEO specialists, we know just what will make any brand (including yours) stand out in a crowded market.

Whether your product or service is ingredient-focused, centered on sustainability, or rooted in a specific niche, we craft our services to help establish your core consumer and create programs that truly resonate. Our on page SEO services will establish long-term goals to help maintain trust with your target audience and generate the interest of new ones. If you’re looking for help thriving in a constantly changing market, reach out to Brandettes today.

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Our Services Include

Competitive Research

Our comprehensive research reviews in and out of market competitors to evaluate which seo strategies bring out the best results

SEO Audit + Keyword Optimization

Effective CPG SEO service strategies lean into the right keywords to help your brand stand out and optimize for search engine optimization. 


Defining your unique brand voice is not only important, it's essential. We offer full scale copywriting services for positioning, about us copy, brand ethos and more. 


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Pre-launch startup?

SEO is an essential part of your cross-channel marketing plan, especially for startups and new brands. Simply put, high ranking and SEO contribute greatly to building trust, not to mention findability. As a part of our brand launch program, Brandettes on page SEO services ucover current competitive rankings, your keyword opportunities, and strategies to get you in front of your target audience. We (cleverly) use all of this intel to build an on page SEO services program that drives true results.

Established brand in need of support?

With Brandettes’ on page SEO services, we help refine your ideal audience and serve up keywords and a link building strategy to drive awareness and convert them into loyalists. Our turnkey link building services, including article writing, takes the heavy lifting off of your internal team. Our on page SEO services are just part of what our digital marketing experts bring to the table on a daily basis, so we’re able to work smarter when it comes to both strategy and tactics across all of your marketing initiatives. We’re ready to put a customized SEO program together for you!

What is on-page SEO?

On page-SEO, also known as on-site search engine optimization, refers to the optimization of web page copy for search engines. Essentially, “good” SEO will rank your website higher on relevant search engines. In turn, this will expose more potential customers to your site and increase site traffic. So, how can you make sure your SEO is up-to-par?

Well, that’s where Brandettes comes in! Our wide variety of on page SEO services and experienced copywriting specialists use their expertise to create copy that will boost your search engine rankings and align with your brand image. As for what aspects of SEO and copywriting we cover, the answer is everything! A few of the more important on page SEO services we offer include copywriting for:

  • Title tags: Title tags are one of the first things analyzed by search engines when it comes to ranking your site. Similarly, they are the first thing potential customers will see when it comes to your site – making it important that they directly address what someone is looking for. 
  • Copy + Content: Although Google has come a long way, you may be surprised at the importance of incorporating specific keywords into your webpage’s copy. Our Brandettes on page SEO services will make sure to not optimize your keywords, but also make sure to use other useful SEO strategies – like link building!
  • Internal Links: Internal links refer to links on one webpage that link to another webpage on your site. They are a principal part of our on page SEO services as they allow Google to more thoroughly understand and rank your website. 
  • URLs: Often considered an underrated part of SEO, URLs are useful in signaling to new users what a web page is about. To optimize your URLs for SEO purposes, our on page SEO services recommend keeping them short and including a relevant keyword in each one.


These are just a few of the many on page SEO services we offer. As for our specific strategies to boost your search engine ranking and increase website traffic, keep on reading!

What CPG SEO service strategies does Brandettes use to boost search engine rankings?

Looking up “best SEO strategies” will probably find you the same few things: using targeted keywords, building relevant links, and regularly updating and improving existing content. While these are all certainly important aspects of improving SEO, our years of experience in the SEO game have given us insight on a few very useful, but lesser-known on page SEO services.

While we still follow the common best practices of improving SEO, here are a few other tips we always keep in mind:

  • Using your target keyword in the first 100 words: This is an incredibly important CPG SEO service for one simple reason – Google puts more weight on words that show up early on your page. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. 
  • Write your title in an H1 Tag: Putting your blog or article title in an H1 (Heading 1) format allows Google to better understand the structure of your page. Also make sure that your site’s code shows that your title (and keyword) are wrapped in an H1 tag.
  • Wrap subheadings in H2 Tags: Like is the case with titles and H1 tags, you should also be sure to wrap your subheadings in H2 tags. If you can, also try to use your target keyword in at least one subheading.
  • Use your target keyword throughout your page, but don’t stuff them: Let’s say this – you only use your target keyword once throughout your entire page. How will Google understand that you’re trying to emphasize that keyword? Simple, it won’t! Thus, our on page SEO services agency recommends sprinkling your chosen keyword throughout your page multiple times. Just be sure to not overdo it – as Google doesn’t like that either.
  • Use external links: It may seem strange that Google wants you to link to other pages. However, using external links helps Google (1) figure out what your page is about and (2) shows that your page has hosts of helpful, quality info. Studies done on on page SEO services have even shown that pages with external links rank higher than those without.


And that’s just a few of them! Although we could definitely tell you the rest of our useful SEO tips and tricks, we’d prefer to tell you them in person. To get the help of Brandettes’ on page SEO services, get in contact with us today

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How will Brandettes use CPG SEO services to target my core audience?

Great question! Our first step, as part of our on page SEO services, is to get to know you, your audience, and your goals for your site. So, we’ll do a quick look around your website and set up a kickoff meeting to get to know you and your core audience.

With that in mind, we then move on to do some preliminary SEO research. Google often changes what standards make a page rank high on search results in order to combat sites which “manipulate” search results by using low-quality links or keyword-spamming webpages. So, we try our best to always be aware of the current algorithm.

With that completed, our next CPG SEO service is to use the information you’ve given us to conduct in-depth keyword and competitor research for your site. We’ll find out what keywords we should utilize to pull in your target audience, as well as what has made your competitors either successful or unsuccessful.

Ranking the keywords by relevancy and public interest in them, we take the top keywords and most successful webpage strategies to merge them into a plan that will be sure to boost your SERP (search engine page results) ranking on their own. Add some tastefully-written copy on top of that and an easily-navigable, aesthetically pleasing webpage to boot, and your page will surely be linked to by others within your field. These on page SEO services and strategies will soon have you atop of the SERP rankings for your chosen keywords, increasing traffic to your site like never before.

Looking for top-notch on page SEO services?

We offer comprehensive link building, keyword optimization, and on page SEO services to meet all of your brand and marketing needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started.

Brandettes is a full-service marketing agency with 20+ years of experience serving consumer packaged goods brands. Whether you’re looking to set up shop, or have years of experience in the digital marketing game, Brandettes is here to help you along the way. If you’re on the lookout for an ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd, contact Brandettes today.