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Gone are the days when a picture tells the entire story, today’s food content marketing agency services loop in multi-media to truly bring your brand to life. Video, stop motion, audio and yes, photography are incredible tools to share your core vision, mission, features and benefits with your target audience. Food is a visual thing, so to attract your target market it’s recommended to have high-quality images (better yet videos) of your products. Media makes people feel and therefore drives action. Our food content marketing agency services are designed to extract the best of your brand and bring it to life with color and a healthy dose of creativity.

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Our Food Content Marketing Agency Services Include

Research Competitive Food Brands

We understand your competitor’s media in order to craft the most effective food content marketing agency services for your budget, while carving out white space

Brand Storytelling and Messaging

Communicating your brand voice and campaign message is essential. We offer full scale copywriting services for scripting, storyboarding and voice over

Clever Creative Direction

The look, feel and tone of your branded media is incredibly important and essential to good production

Photo, Video and Stop Motion

Efficient, creative and supremely effective, our photographers, videographers and graphic artists take great pride in providing stellar food content marketing agency services

Editing, Refining and Re-sizing Media

Post production edits, color correction and sizing for multiple channels

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Crafting your startup's identity?

Video, photo, stop motion and more. We produce bold media that starts conversations, provokes emotion and motivates action. Are you looking to develop the next great consumer packaged goods (CPG) food or beverage brand? Your target audience on social media and on the web expect compelling content that helps unearth the core values of your brand. Brandettes’ food content marketing agency services are packaged to provide the ultimate in creativity and functionality while keeping your budget in mind.

In-market food brand ready to evolve?

Food content marketing agency services from Brandettes will confidently support you in increasing website traffic across all of your digital marketing channels, including your favorite social channels. Our expert understanding of the digital landscape helps inform all of our food content marketing agency services work, optimizing for the SEO, the right keywords and the ideal creative that attracts your target audience.

The best content in the world is worthless without an audience. Brandettes will customize food content marketing agency services that takes all of your website traffic sources into consideration, including social media, organic and paid search, email, referral, etc. Our cross-channel, holistic approach is driven by our unrivaled understanding of digital marketing tactics like SEO, paid media/PPC, and organic social media marketing.

About Our Food Content Marketing Agency Process

Creative Brainstorm

Brandettes food content agency marketing services experts work to understand your goals while we develop standout concepts unique to your brand

Creative Direction

We will align project goals and prep concepts for your review and approval, pre-production


We efficiently take photos, shoot video, manage talent and craft audio that ladders up to your ideal deliverables


Before final deliverables, we scrutinize all media for color, sharpness, format and size, editing as needed

What can my team expect when creating food-focused media with Brandettes?

Our food content agency marketing services start with a collaborative meeting with your team to get an understanding of your goals, vision, and brand. We will collect any initial ideas and preferred mediums (photos, video, audio) and lay out a budget that works with your food content marketing agency services expectations. From there, our media team will start the process of building a comprehensive strategy filled with the types of media needed to meet your food content marketing agency services goals.

Does the process differ when creating photo, video or audio content focused on food?

With photo content development, we’ll begin by collecting mood boards and inspirational examples to get on board with your photo style preferences and vision for photo production and food content marketing agency services needs. Next, we’ll determine where the photos will live (digital on a website, in print advertisements, etc.), what the photo should represent and develop appropriate specs so all of your food content marketing agency services needs are taken care of within the project scope.

With video projects, just like photos, we want to understand your vision for video production and how we can satisfy your creative vision while lending our food content marketing agency services expertise. We will review the types of videos that best suit your needs and the elements you’re looking for. If there are any time restrictions, we’ll also lay those out, along with where the video will live and any preferred resolution and formats (YouTube, website, other social platforms, broadcast television). Understanding where media is used, who we’re trying to reach and logistics like specs are essential to being able to deliver the most effective food content marketing agency services for your brand.

We’ll also collect existing examples or mood boards your team may already have. Our final move will be to create storyboard proposals for you to review, approve and eventually bring to life!

With audio food content marketing agency services, we’ll first collect any examples, mood boards, or ideas you have and determine which types of audio will edge you towards your goals (podcasts, radio advertisements, training elements, etc.). We’ll work together with you to develop audio scripts, manage talent and tap the right studio technicians to bring the audio project to life.

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Will creative media help attract new customers to our brand?

Yes, it certainly can! Showcasing your new food and beverage products in a creative way through various channels will lure in new consumers who will want to try your product. In its most basic form, food content marketing is simply the practice of publishing editorial, graphics, and video to attract, inform, and engage your target audience. The focus on our food content marketing agency services is to offer your customers (and potential customers) engaging, creative content that is both helpful and exciting to them, while also showcasing your new food products. Connecting with your customers via food content marketing agency services can help develop trust and brand recognition for the long term. Additionally, generating quality media can also improve your SEO and generate high-quality leads.

Are there additional food content marketing agency services to consider beyond photo and video?

Yes, absolutely. Brandettes offers a wide range of food content marketing agency services beyond photo, video and stop motion (definitely one of our favorites). Services include:

  • Blog posts- Perfectly search-optimized articles and opinion pieces that offer unique insights on a specific topic from your subject matter experts. Ideal for SEO, thought leadership, lead generation, and your food content marketing services goals
  • Case Studies- Let’s brag a little and put together case studies and success stories about your brand, customers and products
  • Content Audits- Our digital marketing and SEO teams dive into your website structure, on-site content and performance marketing history to review performance, suggest improvements, and present new ideas to match your growing food content marketing services goals
  • Sales Funnel Email Campaigns- We develop a system and compelling content for your automatic email flow. Ideally paired with a solid ecommerce strategy, the sales funnel takes the heavy lifting of food content marketing agency services and automates it for ease (we typically recommend the Klaviyo platform for its ease and robust features).
  • Newsletters- Brandettes can design email newsletter templates and campaign content and deliver it right to your audience’s inbox. Newsletters can be informational, brand building or pure, delightful entertainment.
  • Press Releases- We can develop briefs on specific information about an event, circumstance, product launch, etc. and either upload it to the wire or work with your public relations agency for targeted food content marketing agency services outreach.
  • Social Media Captions- Punchy copy filled with wit and compelling calls to action are our jam. Brandettes food content marketing agency services are ideal for all social platforms, and we customize to fit your audience’s needs.

“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Nikola and Brandettes. She is a super smart and talented brand marketer, who really understands her audience and drives outstanding results.
She stands apart in her clarity of communication and incredible patience. I would love to team up with her again any day.”

- Sean Sharifi, Creative Director, Eufora Intl.

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Whether you offer food, beauty, natural, or lifestyle products and services, Brandettes food content marketing agency services offer a complete range of creative media services to meet all of your brand’s needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started.