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Accelerating Beauty Innovation w/ Good Face Project

Good Face Project formulator illustration

It’s no secret, the beauty industry continues to expand at an astounding pace, with product categories becoming increasingly cluttered. Product innovation isn’t just a novel idea anymore, it’s an essential part of a brand’s vital growth strategy. According to Nielsen IQ, brands that focused on innovation this past year grew, on average, 2.9X more than […]

Inside The Wrinkle Cream of Hair Care – Arey

Arey products

After 20+ years in consumer products, and beauty specifically, it takes a lot for us to do a double take. Brands, products and campaigns can all start to feel strangely similar, with surprises here and there, but still few and far between. Then we met Arey, and at first glance, our interest was piqued.   […]

Commodity- Crafting the Future of Fine Fragrance

Commodity 100ml Black 1

In 2014, a chance meeting in a London café between entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub (below, left to right) led to, what has become, the global premium fragrance brand Commodity. Serial entrepreneur Glasmacher, known for creating disruptive startups from scratch (Hautelook and Sole Society, both now part of Nordstrom), along with Huzenlaub who has worked with CPG […]

How Skinny & Co. Stands Out from the Coconut Oil Crowd

skinny coconut oil feature

I’ll admit, I’m a little obsessed. After decades of working in the beauty industry and having sampled the coolest, newest and most buzzed about skincare products on the market, my all-time favorite product might just be coconut oil. It does, just about, everything. Praised for it’s rich hydration and antimicrobial properties, coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing, removing […]

Why Probiotics Are Popping Up Everywhere

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Probiotic products are popping up everywhere- natural foods stores, farmers markets, speciality grocers and, yes, at the beauty retailer (more on that later). If you’re not familiar with their benefits, probiotics are essential, good bacteria that are responsible for nutrient absorption and immunity system support. Probiotics line the digestive track and can help fend off digestive disorders, skin issues, […]

Succulent Nails Are Really A Thing

succulent nails

Innovation in the nail category reached a fever pitch in 2013 with the meteoric rise and mass consumer adoption of gel manicures. It was the largest percentage increase the beauty industry had seen in decades, surpassing any other category by a long shot. The last few years have seen gel nails slowing down a bit, […]

Indie Beauty Success Story- By Rosie Jane

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A friend’s recommendation is, by far, the most compelling motivator driving a new product or brand discovery for any consumer. Present company included. So, when talk at a recent lunch with a friend turned to her favorite indie beauty brand, I was all ears. By Rosie Jane is alluring for so many reasons, not the […]

The Lowdown- Micellar Water

micellar water

Micellar water is one of the hottest new discoveries being buzzed about in magazines, on beauty blogs and by good ol’ fashioned word of mouth. Pronounced in French “me-sellaire”, this hydrating water-based product combines nano-sized, single-layer oil micelles (think microscopic bubbles) with soft water to offer an ultra effective make-up remover and skin cleanser that […]

Rock On: Discovering the Secrets of Himalayan Salt


Santa Barbara, California is exquisitely beautiful and one of my favorite weekend destinations. Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, the shops along State Street feature a never-ending array of restaurants, boutiques and patisseries.  When Salt opened about two years ago, I was intrigued.  Was it a new exotic eatery or a purveyor of fancy […]

Konjac Is Yamtastic!

konjac sponges

The act of regular exfoliation has been talked about for centuries as being beneficial for skin. It can help promote a brighter, smoother complexion and minimize fine lines and breakouts, ultimately leading to younger looking skin. Yes, you heard it right….YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN! So important and sought after, it was worth mid-sentence capitalization. In the last […]