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Crafting a Memorable Brand Experience

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In the bustling realm of consumer packaged goods (CPG), standing out is not just a desire—it’s a necessity. The market is teeming with options, and to make your brand shine, a clever and memorable brand experience is crucial. This involves more than just a flashy logo; it’s about creating a holistic encounter that resonates with […]

A Start To Simplifying Life- 3 Favorite Brands

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With a hefty list of personal goals and overblown resolutions, many of us are seeking ways to up our wellness game for 2017. It is a time for new beginnings and, boy, don’t marketers know it. Consider a new gym membership or clean eating plan to start the year and be inundated with high impact promotions […]

3 Favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Brands: November

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This month’s favorite brands come with an edge, a snarl and a decidedly dissident attitude. Their rock ‘n’ roll style and independent spirit feel perfectly now, at a time when we’re all feeling a bit rebellious. Rock ‘n’ Roll Style- Our 3 Favorite Brands This Month Pam & Gela My love for these true, original girl bosses runs deep. […]

3 Favorite Brand Collaborations: October

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This month, were focusing on the best brand collaborations out currently, the ones that have us taking out our Amex with a resounding YES. Loyal Brandettes readers know we’re smitten with great brand collabs that elevate all involved through design, creativity and good ol’ fashioned brand power. We’re such strong believers, we even wrote our own guide […]

3 Favorite Brands: September

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Fall always, for me, ushers in a bit of a reinvention. It’s time to refresh, explore new styles and get ready for cooler temps ahead. Right now, I’m feeling the old school fitness vibes. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of binge watching The Get Down or rediscovering The Karate Kid, but the 70’s and 80’s athletic flair feels impossibly fresh. Here, […]

3 Favorite Brands: July

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Summer is the perfect time to lighten up, and this month’s favorite brands have more than a whiff of whimsy. Whether it’s the bohemian florals of Ulla Johnson, the swan-tacular floats from Sunnylife or the 70’s fab specs from the new LA-based sunnies brand, Perverse, these trending brands are pretty, playful and totally party ready. Trending Now- […]

3 Favorite Brands: April

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Super cute brands are all the rage. They cover every category from accessories to fashion, home goods, collectibles and more. And super cute brands definitely, most certainly, are perfectly poised for party supplies. Spring has us feeling like kicking up our heels, popping a few corks and enjoying an extra dose of sugar coated sweetness. Join the […]

3 Favorite Brands: March

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I’m drawn to unconventional brand stories, and each of this month’s favorites has its own decidely unique narrative. Three modern brands; two that forged forward through the decades to re-energize personal audio and a third, Spiritual Gangster, that’s bringing a fresh take to today’s hot athleisure trend. Together, they’re the perfect trifecta for turning up the volume while laying low. Marshall […]

3 Favorite Brands: February

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While sweet treats are always in fashion, perhaps you’re looking to move past the sugar and score something new and interesting for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. These color rich brands bring a different flavor that’s memorable, with great marketing to boot. Our three favorite brands this month: The Bouqs Co. Venice, CA based The […]

3 Favorite Brands: January

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L.A. days have been a little gray lately.  So when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds this weekend, we were inspired to seek out some color for this month’s 3 Favorite Brands. These bright and bold must-haves from California-based product lines are ultra affordable, totally giftable and all saturated with bright, confident colors […]