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Modernism Week Palm Springs 2017- A Cocktail of Past & Present

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Modernism Week Palm Springs has been bursting at the seams with all sorts of retro modern marvels in recent years, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s one of the key drivers that has brought a city once synonymous with Spring Break, into mid-century modern architectural prominence.  The desert features a seemingly endless collection of standout private and […]

Sprinkles for Breakfast’s Instagram Success

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It was 20 minutes, at the very least. Perhaps even 25. The first time I met Lindsay Nathanson of Sprinkles for Breakfast, we gleefully waxed on about the blissful, color-filled joy that is rainbow sprinkles for nearly as long as a prime time sitcom. Lindsay’s passion for baking comes across instantly in conversation, but even […]

#LAHoppyHour’s Instagram Influencers

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Influencer marketing events can be incredibly productive for creatives and brands, both. Nearly 85% of marketers will engage in influencer marketing of some kind this year. Why? Engage with the right influencer(s) and sales have the potential to soar. Instagram, in particular, is a highly visual, feeling-ful medium with which to connect. Over 400 million […]

A Blogger’s Guide to Brand Partnerships

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It’s no secret that influencer marketing is an essential part of any brand’s marketing mix today. With over 150 million bloggers, vloggers and social media stars driving engaging content for mega brands and upstarts, the influence of social media on consumer products is massive. And with great exposure, comes great opportunity. As a marketing executive, I have […]

5 S’s of Influencer Marketing Success

FINALl Cotton Tee

Move over celebrities, there’s a new type of influencer in town. For those of you new to the game, Influencer Marketing is essentially a form of marketing that utilizes individuals with influence over your potential buyers. One of the main drivers of Influencer Marketing is the shift in consumer attention. With social media consuming over 2.5 […]

Live. Love. Layer w/ Gorjana

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Live. Love. Layer. You don’t have to tell me twice when it comes to showing off my favorite accessories from Gorjana & Griffin– more is definitely magnificent. Gorjana’s necklaces artfully combine statement pieces with subtle details that when combined, layer up effortlessly for a composed yet laid back look. Knowing great design is often not […]

Inside the Splendid x DAMSEL Brand Partnership


There’s also a lot of noise today around Influencer Marketing and it’s easy to see why.  Bloggers and social media influencers have an extremely loyal audience, giving them the power to drive much higher engagement rates than traditional paid or owned media. We’ve seen collaborative hits and some misses, and then occasionally, all the elements […]

Inside The Brand w/ Jenna Habayeb of Splendid

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I remember my first experience in a Splendid store.   I was awed by how the brand perfectly captured the easy, laid-back, but effortlessly chic style that I loved so much about Los Angeles. Then I tried on a shirt and I was hooked.  For life.  I couldn’t wait to share the love when I had my […]