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Brand positioning is the true heartbeat of a brand, it’s true core and reason for being. Brand positioning answers the question: What makes us different? It’s the foundation of what the brand stands for and who it serves- and how it truly stands out. Our brand strategy consulting services develop brand positioning that captures the unique brand experience that helps any brand – your brand- stand out in a sea of same.

Brandettes offers brand strategy consulting services to help position your brand for success, driving towards its ultimate goal. Just as your goals in life will change over time, so will your vision for your brand. Consulting with a branding expert like Brandettes, can help you create a strong brand position that keeps up with that evolution and “sticks.”

Whether your product or service is ingredient-focused, centered on sustainability, or rooted in a specific niche, we craft our services to help establish your core consumer and create programs that truly resonate. Our brand strategy consulting services will meet your short and long-term goals to help establish trust with your target audience, leaving enough space for flexibility as the market, consumers, and competitors change.

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Our Brand Strategy Consulting Services Include

Competitive Research

Our comprehensive research reviews in and out of market competitors and evaluates their positioning and branding to eliminate overlap

SEO Audit

A strong brand position leans into the right keywords to help your brand stand out and maximize search engine optimization (SEO)


Brandettes’ unique process for positioning takes a data forward approach and marries it with lifestyle trends and dash of clever thinking. We work hard to carve out the white space for your brand


Defining your unique brand voice is not only important, it’s essential. We offer full scale copywriting services for positioning, about us copy, brand ethos, brand naming and more 

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Pre-launch startup?

Partnering and consulting with an agency like Brandettes for brand strategy consulting services will help serve your short and long term goals. We regularly work with pre-launch brands seeking investment to offer brand strategy consulting services that include brand positioning and investor deck presentations- we’re even happy to talk with your potential investors. Securing an in-house marketing team isn’t always feasible for most smaller businesses, especially with tight startup budgets. Onboarding Brandettes will save you time and resources as we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to light with our unique process. Our team of brand strategy consulting services experts (aka the brand sherpas) help guide you through your launch to and build from there.

Established brand ready to evolve?

Onboarding Brandettes brand strategy consulting services to help reinvigorate your brand, is an efficient and resource-friendly way to infuse your brand with new and fresh ideas that are compelling and impactful. Consulting with our team of experts can help you strategize your next project to its full potential.  We will work alongside you and your team to define your project goals and facilitate all the aspects of the work keeping you on track. Our entire brand strategy consulting services team is focused on providing headache-free strategic marketing support- integrating and collaborating wherever you need us most. 

Working with Nikola and team is such an absolute pleasure! Her ability to take a brand and elevate it is truly amazing. From the copy to the visuals she helped us get our collateral, website and communications to the next level. She was always up to the challenge and worked with us on several ad-hoc projects that were tremendously helpful like an investor deck. Nikola and Brandettes are so great to work with.


About Our Brand Strategy Process

Research + Strategy

Brandettes works to understand your goals and the competitive landscape to develop a strategy for an effective brand strategy consulting services program


We will align project goals with a range of positioning strategies to support your marketing efforts


We go beyond brand positioning to bring you comprehensive, cross-channel marketing services to build awareness, trust and conversions


We deliver consistently great work, month after month, so you can focus on what you do best, leaving the marketing to us

What are the various steps Brandettes takes during the brand strategy consulting services program?

During our brand strategy consulting services program, Brandettes will personalize your portfolio to promote your company’s identity and elevate its distinct personality. We know that an authentic story or identity will encourage your audience to instantly relate and trust your product or service, further encouraging loyalty and constant clicks. 

During our brand strategy services process, we’ll track the competition to better understand what your specific market demands, lacks, and how we can highlight your uniqueness to maximize exposure (and sales) among the bustling crowd. We marry that research, most often, with a brand SEO audit to make sure we’re capturing keywords that are relevant to your target audience and can be part of your long-term performance marketing program. It’s really what sets our brand strategy consulting services apart from other agencies. Our brand strategy consulting services have consistently helped brands create programs authentic to each brands needs. 

How does Brandettes establish brand personality and brand voice?

Establishing a strong voice is key in connecting the target audience with the personality of the company. During our brand strategy consulting services, Brandettes will review samples of your content to help establish a consistent voice that will align your ideal image to your carefully sought-out customer. Consulting with Brandettes we’ll ensure that our writers know how to put your ideas into action with memorable and engaging content. Finally, we’ll refine the tone to actively address current trends and changes in the market to make sure your image is fresh and never outdated. Voice is just one of the key areas we cover as a part of our comprehensive brand strategy services.

services brand strategy positioning establish personaility brand voice
services brand strategy positioning target audience defined

How is the target audience defined?

We will track and analyze current perceptions of your product or service to understand who responds to your marketing messages. More importantly, we will understand who fails to respond and how we can garner interest among that missing but the desired audience, a key deliverable in our brand strategy consulting services. 

We’ll study trends and locate consumers who share core values with your message and utilize target audience identification profiling to support your products or services in an engaging and meaningful way. Through connecting your ideas to the right demographic, we’ll ensure we fully understand your audience’s persona by outlining the challenges they face to better craft a genuine message that will resonate with them. All of our brand strategy consulting services marry competitive research, audience identification and a smart keyword strategy- that’s the Brandettes difference!

How does Brandettes help create a unique selling proposition with brand strategy?

We understand that just like people, no two brands are alike, no matter how many similarities they may share! When consulting with Brandettes, we understand the importance of market differentiation and will actively use our brand strategy consulting services to solidify the uniqueness of your product or service. 

Our specialized approach will drive engagement among your consumers in any industry. By using brand strategy consulting services to identify how your product solves a particular problem or answers a need differently than your competitors, Brandettes will make sure more customers will take notice and remember who you are. 

How does a brand engage through storytelling?

The idea behind storytelling is that the consumer is not purchasing a mere product or service but also the magnified history, mission, and emotion associated with the brand. Simply put, it’s the foundation of the entire brand experience. Our brand strategy services are designed to assist you in creating a story that will develop your brand’s unique voice and create snack-sized portions of your original story for your consumers to enjoy. We’ll carefully walk your audience through your custom-created journey during our consultation.

The brand strategy consulting services team at Brandettes will serve as your springboard for compelling creative storytelling. By customizing your inventive vision, Brandettes will assist you in elevating your product or service in each avenue of marketing to further solidify a top rank among the competition.

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Brandettes is a branding strategy consulting services agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.