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Developing a new food or beverage product and bringing them to market can be complicated- make it easier through outsourcing. Brandettes is a food product development agency uniquely set up to seamlessly integrate with your team, bringing to life that big idea and surrounding you with the support to get it done. We understand what it takes to craft a new stellar recipe to bring it to the marketplace. We take the time to understand your brand, your business, your customer, and efficiently work to meet your needs on time and within scope.

Our Services Include

Category Research

Brandettes’ food product development agency dives deep into industry trends, competitive data, and customer insights to uncover white space and opportunities

Product Innovation

We make it our business to uncover and discover all that is clever. We’re experts at pushing boundaries in product ideation and brand architecture, honing in on the unique, different, and delightful

Product Development

Taking on everything from product profiles, costing, sourcing, package design, and project management, Brandettes’ food product development agency is your one-stop-shop for complete outsourcing

Design, Sourcing, Setup

Our team of experts is fully integrated and ready to remove headaches, setting up effective systems, resources and accountability

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Pre-launch startup?

Armed with a big idea (or a whole host of them), you’re energized, motivated, and….potentially overwhelmed. As your food product development agency, we understand what it takes to transform great ideas into products and products into brands. We’ve helped launch a wide variety of projects in the food and beverage industry, running the gamut from food, sauces and to lemonade, and acting as food product development agency “sherpas” throughout the process. All irony aside, we take the time to work with you and your team throughout the process, making sure to set up systems and processes that work with your budding business now and in the future.

Established brand in need of support?

As your food product development agency specialists, Brandettes works with you to amplify your product innovation and development processes, thoughtfully. Whether you’re looking for turnkey outsourcing or need the expertise to complement your current team, we’ll work with you to outline goals, strategize on the project and get to work on milestones that matter. We offer full ideation, process optimization, and branch architecture services to further round out a comprehensive program of food product development agency support.

About Our Process

Research + Strategy

All innovation and development should be strategic, our food product development agency works to understand your goals, and the competitive landscape and develops a path just for you


We establish several design directions or profiles for review, all rooted in data and goal-focused


Our food product development agency excels at editing, and reviewing for flexibility, function, cost, and feasibility


We support your brand with the sales, marketing, and business development programs to drive awareness and ROI

“40 years heading Marketing, Nikola’s team is head and shoulders above any team I have worked with. Nikola’s marketing expertise is beyond reproach. She excels in Strategy, Product Development, and People Management. I would recommend Brandettes to any company seeking marketing leadership.”

- Robert Yates, SVP, John Paul Mitchell Systems

What is product innovation?

Simply put, is the opportunity to create white space, chart a new path or introduce a new category. As a food product development agency, Brandettes is focused on helping brands like yours find and build a leadership position within the white space. It’s not only about developing something new and original, it’s also about taking what’s already there and making it significantly better. While a brand may not be the first to enter a category, with a great food product development agency and some serious marketing savvy, yours can be the brand to improve upon an idea and capture that coveted market leader position.

Benchmark innovation is a challenge no matter what industry you’re in, especially within CPG. Shelves in the grocery aisles are crowded with a variety of options and there’s a lot of noise, it’s true. As we work with food or beverage brands, our food product development agency finds a competitive audit essential to identifying viable white space in the pursuit of product innovation. We use data, combined with industry expertise and a healthy dose of trend research to uncover and drive forward opportunities for true innovation.

And that’s just the development side. On the customer side, we know there is a barrage of info coming at them from a multitude of digital channels. Constantly changing customer expectations is something our food product development agency navigates regularly. In many categories, the info overload and crowded market are fueling a demand for greater personalization, or the ability to market, advertise to, and even develop goods or services that suit individual consumer preferences. These market shifts and pressures continue to throw brands off their game — driving uncertainty and reactivity rather than deep understanding and responsiveness. That’s where Brandettes comes in. As a food product development agency, we know the customer and their needs are changing, and it’s our job to come to the table with actionable solutions.

How do you harness great product innovation for your brand?

Yes, the market is crowded, but we’re confident, as your food product development agency, that white space will always exist. Working with Brandettes food product development agency to identify customer needs and then developing the best solution for it can drive substantial growth in your business. How we innovate — our mindset, processes, and methodologies — makes a huge difference not only in accelerating the profitability of your innovation but in the long-term adoption of it in the market.
services brand strategy positioning establish personaility brand voice
services brand strategy positioning target audience defined

How can Brandettes help support our brand's innovation and overall product development?

Outsourcing your development to Brandettes’ food product development agency can bring countless benefits and cost savings. Working with us can alleviate significant pressure on your team and brand. While there are no “tricks” to effective development, the secret sauce has everything to do with great management. Doing the work up front and crafting a process with accountability is, really, the only way to get it done with a degree of ease. Our team of experts, including chemists, designers, and manufacturing partners are accountable for our shared goals and objectives, and we bring our food product development agency expertise to the table to drive progress.

The first step is research; a thorough understanding of the market and where, exactly, you are hoping to fit in or stand out, is essential. This applies to the product concept, yes, but solid direction always involves a pricing strategy as well. Major frustrations bloom when cost-prohibitive projects are benched at the end of a development cycle. To avoid this happening to you and your brand, Brandettes’ food product development agency develops a solid price position that can then be worked back into your core costs, packaging, and labor.


Ready to hire your next food product development agency?

We offer complete A-Z product development and innovation services to meet all of your brand and R&D needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals, and get started.

Brandettes is a food product development agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.

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