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Beauty Social Media Consulting

Influencer Marketing is one of the hottest forms of marketing today, and a fantastic way to get more eyes on your growing brand. It, partnered with a smart affiliate program, is a one-two marketing punch that can drive significant growth, a form of marketing that utilizes individuals with influence over your potential buyers.

Brandettes beauty social media consulting services support fully realized micro, mid and celebrity-driven influencer marketing campaigns. Working with the right influencers for your brand supports positive brand awareness, increased reach, more followers, and ROI. Book a beauty social media consulting call with us to get acquainted with what you’re looking for and we can find the right partner for you.

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Our Beauty Social Media Consulting Services Include

Affiliate Program Set Up

Brandettes’ beauty social media consulting program works with a variety of influencer platforms, so finding the right one that connects to your audience is essential. During our beauty social media consulting call we’ll establish your goals and frame a budget so we can set up a program that supports your marketing efforts. Subsequently we’ll identify several influencers that meet your criteria, and we can narrow it down to find your best match.

Influencer Strategy

A successful beauty social media consulting call can produce a strategy to help you increase brand exposure, build authority, and connect with new audiences. There are different types of strategies to choose like gifting, sponsored content, and affiliates (and the list can go on). But don’t fret, we’ll work together to strategize the right one for you.

Influencer Campaign Management + Tracking

Managing and tracking are just as important as a successful influencer campaign. It goes beyond a brand mention and a shout-out. Brandettes will track the content and measure your results to see if you’ve reached your goals.


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Pre-launch startup?

Trying to find the right influencer and affiliate program can feel overwhelming. Having Brandettes on your team will essentially be your guide to successfully seeing the campaign through. Our team of beauty social media consulting experts will qualify your influencer’s reach, authority, messaging, and content. It’s important for influencers to support content that stays true to their brand just as much as it is to stay true to your brand. Brandettes will strategize and work with you and the influencer together for a successful partnership.

Established brand ready to evolve?

Beauty social media consulting is the next step to helping your brand and company see it through from the outside in. Brandettes works with a range of influencers and finding the right one is not a one size fits all approach. We will define your goals and find you an influencer program that fits your needs to get you results.

About Our Process

Research + Strategy

Influencer marketing can be an effective way to boost your brand awareness, Brandettes’ beauty social media consulting services work to understand your goals, the competitive landscape and develop a strategy for an effective program.

Strategic Direction

You should strive to partner with influencers who align with your brand. Brandettes will direct you throughout the process and identify your target audience to find the right pool of influencers that can connect with your beauty brand.


Once we’ve identified potential influencers, we will employ beauty social media consulting hours to work out all the details on what is expected from the influencers that you want to work with.


Through tracking and management of your influencer, we will closely monitor the results of your program. Tracking and measuring is an essential part of our beauty social media consulting work.

"Nikola and her group at Brandettes were incredibly valuable in building our marketing and social media. No only did they provide a plan and brand guidance, but also they helped execute on many of our initiatives. Highly recommended."

- Pete Ricci, CEO, Mantl

What is influencer marketing?

Think of influencer marketing as the modern-day version of an endorsement. Turning to social networks when researching a brand or product is just the reality in today’s world. Not surprisingly, this is quite popular among the younger age groups. Consumers (especially young consumers) tend to trust peers and people they relate to more than companies, so that’s where influencer marketing comes in as a valuable tactic in today’s social media-driven world. Our beauty social media consulting program will help you create an actionable influencer marketing program for your brand goals.

Why should I invest in influencer marketing?

It is no secret that consumers today trust word-of-mouth advertising from their friends and family more than advertising directly from brands. This is why investing in an influencer marketing campaign is essential to get your beauty brand, product or service noticed.

Influencers build relationships with their audience, making their voice and what they promote to be trustworthy. Consumers are looking for a trusted voice in their online community, and marketers just like Brandettes beauty social media consulting can connect you with the right influencer and their audience. Building a relationship with your influencer can get your beauty brand noticed and essentially a trusted brand will get you the brand loyalty you’re looking for.

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What's involved in setting up an affiliate network?

Affiliate networks connect bloggers or influencers to companies offering affiliate program opportunities for their products or services. It gives influencers the opportunity to promote the products or services to earn a commission when promoting it on their social network.

Joining a network can give you access to numerous affiliate programs. During our beauty social media consulting work, we will help recommend and choose the network that best fits your needs. Before joining an affiliate network, it’s always best to analyze your competitors. Observing the competitive environment sets the standards for your commissions, commercial arrangements, and objectives. Also, it’s next best to look at your product or service and how you plan to promote it to affiliates. They can receive payments in various ways such as sales conversions or impressions so it’s best to know how to sell your program to your affiliates. Think of it like this: Your affiliate program is your “product” and the affiliates your “customers.” In our beauty social media consulting call we will work with you to strategize the right program before joining a network.

How does an affiliate network integrate with influencer marketing?

You can spend hours trying to find the right influencer for your brand, but that would just be a lot of work, wouldn’t it? That’s where Brandettes’ beauty social media consulting comes in. Joining an affiliate network can give you access to numerous influencers and programs. Think of it as the middleman between you and your influencer. Management for this process will be streamlined for a successful relationship. It can build credibility and trust, and it can ensure you’re partnering with the right influencer that supports your brand and message.

Ready to hire your beauty social media consulting agency?

Brandettes offers a complete range of influencer marketing and affiliate marketing services to meet all of your brand and product needs. Schedule a 30-minute beauty social media consulting call to meet our team, review your goals, and get started.

Brandettes is a marketing and social media consulting agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.