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3 Favorite Brands: January

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L.A. days have been a little gray lately.  So when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds this weekend, we were inspired to seek out some color for this month’s 3 Favorite Brands. These bright and bold must-haves from California-based product lines are ultra affordable, totally giftable and all saturated with bright, confident colors […]

3 Favorite Brands: December

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Gluttony, it’s the unabashed theme for this month’s favorite brands. Tis the season for overindulgence and overspending so let’s get going: we’ve got six dollar donuts, a $1,000+ chocolate extravaganza and a tiny jar of cotton candy bursting with big flavor. May your holidays be sweet….and slightly sinful. Gourdough’s Donut burgers, donut entrees, dessert donuts […]

3 Smart Baby Devices That Innovate

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As a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of baby and kid products out there. I remember finding it difficult to differentiate between the essentials and non-essentials (probably could have passed on that wipes warmer!).  If that wasn’t enough, as wearable technology continues to build momentum a new generation of smart […]

3 Favorite Brands: November

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Holiday time ushers in some of our favorite new brands; we love seeing unique promotions and stellar limited edition products at most every merchant we shop. The buying opportunities abound and retailers tend to be more adventurous with their product assortment this time of year, making every shopping experience ripe with juicy discoveries. It’s often challenging to pick just […]

3 Favorite Brands: October

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The weather in L.A. is still sweltering, but we’re thinking forward to get ready for fall. After all, everyone’s talking about it- fall fashion, fall fragrance and the comfort foods we crave as the big three holidays round the corner. There’s so much to look forward to. Here’s a look at our favorite brands that are […]

3 Favorite Brands: September

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Sometimes we get so excited about a particular brand or product, we simply must spread the word. Today Brandettes is kicking off a monthly feature that curates all the brands we’re currently crushing on. Short and sweet, here are our favorite brands for September: Apricot Lane Farms The Moorpark, CA farm featured on Oprah’s Super […]

3 Culinary Inspired Beauty Trends


Mango and White Ginger. Sprouted Mineral Greens. Sea Cucumber. What reads like a farm-to-table restaurant menu is actually a roster of latest and greatest culinary inspired beauty products. As the health and wellness movement continues to drive the popularity of farmers markets and farm-to-table concepts, consumers are embracing the belief that beauty, like health, really […]

3 New Ways to Detox the Body and Soul


With summer in full swing, many of us are taking a much-needed break to rejuvenate and recharge. But for most of us, that vacation relaxation is gone the moment we step back into our crazy daily routines. That should come as no surprise considering that our bodies are being exposed to stressors on multiple fronts. […]

How to Master the On-Air Sell – (Part 2)

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As we stated here, selling a product on live television is no walk in the park – unless the park is a circus and you’re doing the juggling act. In Part 1, we outlined three key factors that contribute to a product’s on-air success: Uniqueness, Demonstrability and the Before & After.   Today we’ll look at three more: Claims. […]

3 Brands For Summer Splashing

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As the temperatures here in Los Angeles climb higher and higher, I can’t help but crave time at the beach. Zuma, Santa Monica, Laguna and San Clemente…they’re all stellar options in my book. Summer vacation affords a few extra hours of daylight to soak up the sun, enjoy family time and show off our favorite beach […]