3 Favorite Brands: June

ludlows spritz summer fun

Easy breezy brands for summer, that’s our focus this week. As temps heat up and the pace slows down, the products and brands we embrace tend to shift. Less is more. Complicated can be saved for another day. In the spirit of simplicity and summer fun, our favorites this month… Summer Fun- Our 3 Favorite […]

Trina Turk’s Finding Dory Collection

trinaturk feature

I’ve had a girl crush on Trina Turk for as long as I can remember. He sunny, peppy Palm Springs brand of stylish sass has attracted me for over a decade, particularly her prints. Turk’s bold prints are the perfect way to wear the weekend Monday through Friday or poolside, prime time. The Trina Turk […]

3 Favorite Brands: May

trntbl1 feature

Retro futurism is all up in our business here at Brandettes, crossing categories and providing plenty of inspiration. Our earlier post on how Zelectric Motors is reinventing old school VWs got us waxing poetic about primo product innovation coupled with classic design. Oh yeah. This month’s swoon-worthy favorite brands are pushing forward in accessories, apparel and audio. Dress up, listen […]

3 Favorite Brands: April

feature aril

Super cute brands are all the rage. They cover every category from accessories to fashion, home goods, collectibles and more. And super cute brands definitely, most certainly, are perfectly poised for party supplies. Spring has us feeling like kicking up our heels, popping a few corks and enjoying an extra dose of sugar coated sweetness. Join the […]

Drink In Sisters of Los Angeles- Modern, City Inspired Gifts

Nest Cinco de Mayo feature

The connection between products and places has always been significant, mementos serving as a physical reminder of an experience we want to recall again and again. Concert t-shirts, coffee mugs, shot glasses and tote bags emblazoned with a logo and/or date of a particular event are ultra popular, nostalgic even. The gift and souvenir market […]

Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Urban Winery

infinite feature 1

Rolling hills, vines for days and a naturally rustic setting- the mental picture of a winery is easy to conjure up. A destination with logo’d glasses and a sunny patio on which to enjoy your cheese plate. Fabulous? Yes, but not always forward thinking. Infinite Monkey Theorem is bringing an entirely new view, and vibe, to […]

3 Favorite Brands: March

marshall feature

I’m drawn to unconventional brand stories, and each of this month’s favorites has its own decidely unique narrative. Three modern brands; two that forged forward through the decades to re-energize personal audio and a third, Spiritual Gangster, that’s bringing a fresh take to today’s hot athleisure trend. Together, they’re the perfect trifecta for turning up the volume while laying low. Marshall […]

Ethics and Innovation in Iceland

iceland feature

We’ve seen a curious uptake in bloggers and media drawing inspiration from Europe’s westernmost country, Iceland. It’s a fascinating country, really, with a rich heritage and a population keen on continuing the fairytale-like folklore passed through generations. Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet, and home to some of the world’s most active […]

Make Your Life Sweeter

fluffpop feature

Great hosts have a carefree and casual way of making their guests feel special. Whether it’s a just-for-the-occasion cocktail or a special little treat, a memorable party starts and ends with the details. At a recent launch event hosted by the fine folks at Splendid, we scooped up a unique treat (yes, we only took […]

3 Favorite Brands: February

flowers Feature

While sweet treats are always in fashion, perhaps you’re looking to move past the sugar and score something new and interesting for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. These color rich brands bring a different flavor that’s memorable, with great marketing to boot. Our three favorite brands this month: The Bouqs Co. Venice, CA based The […]