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Beachy Cream- Pinups and Pints

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Enjoying an ice-cold treat on a hot summer day belongs on life’s greatest hits list, for sure. The whole experience makes me giddy with delight. The mind-bending flavor selection process, watching the cone be packed full of goodness and then the delectable race to the finish before any melting occurs. It’s all good. Americans enjoy […]

Inside The Brand w/ Jenna Habayeb of Splendid

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I remember my first experience in a Splendid store.   I was awed by how the brand perfectly captured the easy, laid-back, but effortlessly chic style that I loved so much about Los Angeles. Then I tried on a shirt and I was hooked.  For life.  I couldn’t wait to share the love when I had my […]

Think Big w/ Little Guy Teardrop Trailers

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America’s National Park System is making a conscious effort to increase visits to its 401 sites through campaigns like their “Find Your Park” initiative that coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Service. They’re looking to drive interest and action from millennials, urban dwellers and a more diverse population of multi-cultural Americans. So far this […]

Stefan Mazy of SkinDNA

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Fasten your seat belts; we are on the brink of an anti-aging revolution. As discussed here, I believe that in the very near future, the way we make decisions about our skin care products, treatments and even our diet will be directed by our (yet to be revealed) genetic strengths and weaknesses. Access to this […]

Kate Weiser Chocolates- No One Does What We Do


How do you know if you are a chocoholic?  Here’s a test.  Is chocolate the first thing you look for when you open a desert menu?  Have you talked yourself into believing that Nutella really IS a healthy breakfast option?  Do you raid the candy bowls for chocolate at Halloween? Let’s just say that I would totally have followed […]

Coachella Valley Vogue- The Fine Art of Design

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Some say fashion is fleeting, but at The Fine Art of Design, founder Nicolas Delgado has discovered that clothes are truly artifacts of culture. Located in Palm Desert, CA, The Fine Art of Design is a vintage boutique like none other- a temple of remarkable design and impeccable taste. Delgado is a talented curator, bringing […]

Built by Chris Van Dusen

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Neighborhood bookstores, with curated collections, are hard to find in 2015. The quirky bookstore across the street is now a yoga studio and, truth be told, we’re just barely hanging on to the local Barnes & Noble. It makes the act of discovery tough, especially with children’s books, when you don’t have easy access to a really great […]

Tarina Tarantino

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This love affair is not a super hot, flash in the pan that flames out shortly after ignition. Nope, this is a story of enduring love, peppered with sparkle and shine, for TARINA TARANTINO, a brand that had me at hello. My first experience with the TARINA TARANTINO brand (I remember it well) was at Nordstrom’s South Coast Plaza […]

Alfonso Campos- CEO, Tarina Tarantino

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Rewind- let’s start at the beginning. It’s been twenty years since Alfonso Campos and Tarina Tarantino created what would be today’s global powerhouse of style and sparkle, TARINA TARANTINO. Along the way they’ve made incredibly smart decisions about brand expansion, partnerships and manufacturing processes that would be come engrained in the brand’s DNA. As CEO, Alfonso is at […]

Whatever/Whenever @ W San Diego

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We are unapologetically in love with W Hotels; just the right mix of hipster cool with a side of luxe. Whether for business or pleasure, the chain never disappoints with special touches that make us look forward to hanging at the hotel beyond happy hour. Each of the W’s nearly 70 locations, worldwide, are unique in […]