The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

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Signs are ubiquitous, an essential piece of branding for businesses around the globe. We’ve been told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s not that simple. Signs and logos express a brand’s personality and, when done right, give a picture of a specific industry, product, or showcase an experience. So what does a […]

Indie Beauty Success Story- By Rosie Jane

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A friend’s recommendation is, by far, the most compelling motivator driving a new product or brand discovery for any consumer. Present company included. So, when talk at a recent lunch with a friend turned to her favorite indie beauty brand, I was all ears. By Rosie Jane is alluring for so many reasons, not the […]

Shear Genius’ Janine Jarman of Hairroin Salon

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Reality show star, celebrity hairstylist, corporate spokesperson and business woman. Entrepreneur Janine Jarman and her bicoastal Hairroin salons have become a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive salon industry. A finalist on Bravo’s Shear Genius TV series, Janine gained a national following for her inspired hair creations and sharp technical skills. Combining masterful […]

Don Ressler of Fabletics

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It’s official, yoga pants are taking over the world. Fueled by the booming health and wellness industry, analysts have projected that the U.S. athletic apparel market will rise by nearly 50 percent to more than $100 billion by 2020. These numbers reflect the fact that athleisure is now way beyond a clothing trend, it’s a […]

Health-Ade Kombucha


Kombucha.  Also known as “The Elixir of Life,” “Divine Tea,” or simply “Booch.” In case you haven’t yet had a sip of this bubbly wonder, kombucha is a fizzy beverage made from tea that has been fermented by a bacteria and yeast culture known as SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), leaving it full of gut-friendly […]

Penelope Candles

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Sales of candles have skyrocketed, in the past decade, to become an over $2 billion industry here in the United States. They’re sold everywhere- through gift, specialty, drug/mass retailers, and purchased almost exclusively (90%) by women. Candles are a go to gift for many of us, often an indulgence that we won’t justify for ourselves […]

Pure Play Kids

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In light of the July 4th holiday, it feels good to celebrate a company dedicated to American-made products. Pure Play Kids has been my go-to for toys since its inception in 2010. Committed to safer, sustainable and kid-powered play, their products promote creativity and problem solving the old fashioned way – no apps or online time required. […]

Surdyk’s Flights Re-Imagines Airport Eats

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Airport food is, typically, passable at best. There’s an overabundance of chicken wings and nachos to accompany a bland array of pre-packaged salads. So many airport food options come with minimal inspiration. That’s where Surdyk’s Flights just smashes the competition. Creating a memorable experience is paramount for the team at Surdyk’s Flights and it’s parent […]

Bob Myers- Leading Golden State to the Championship

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Honest.  Open.  Unpretentious.  In the cutthroat world of professional sports, these are not words you hear often.  Yet this is exactly how colleagues describe Bob Myers, General Manager for the 2017 & 2015 NBA Champions, The Golden State Warriors.  In case you weren’t one of the 23.2m viewers of Game 6 (the most watched since Michael Jordan’s final championship with the […]

Beachy Cream- Pinups and Pints

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Enjoying an ice-cold treat on a hot summer day belongs on life’s greatest hits list, for sure. The whole experience makes me giddy with delight. The mind-bending flavor selection process, watching the cone be packed full of goodness and then the delectable race to the finish before any melting occurs. It’s all good. Americans enjoy […]