Boosting Brands @ Bella PR


Great PR is essential to the success of any brand today, large or small, to keep up with the massive array of end-user touchpoints. Consumer landscapes have changed so much in recent years and seem to evolve on a nearly daily rotation. Influencer marketing rules while traditional advertising continues to slow. Bella Public Relations in New […]

Picture Perfect with Joan Allen Photo

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Joan Allen creates stunning images – the kind that makes you stop, stare and then stare some more.  Her work is remarkable for the variety of emotions her photographs convey, reflective of her unique aesthetic and keen eye. Her portfolio varies from breathtakingly beautiful to unabashedly raw to quietly poignant. Based in Los Angeles, Joan’s clients […]

Love. Lust. Liberator.

liberator feature

Over and over we hear the phrase “sex sells”. It’s certainly one of the tools in a marketers toolbox, whether overt or flirtatious, it always proves provocative. But how about actually marketing adult toys, that’s got to be pretty in your face, right? Wrong. Liberator is branding sex in a whole different way, for a […]

Hollywood Bowl’s Marketing Magic

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Every year, around this time, you can find me pouring over the Hollywood Bowl events schedule to plan my summer’s entertainment. It’s a bit of an obsession, really, and I look forward to each Bowl season with enthusiasm. The warm nights, bottles of rosé and sense of community we rarely unearth here in Los Angeles, are all […]

Pioneering a New Category w/ Heli Kurjanen of Lunette

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Lunette is committed to changing the future of feminine protection. And not just by offering a menstrual cup that is highly effective, ecological, safe and economical, but by speaking openly and honestly about a subject that many people around the world still feel has no place in polite conversation. In light of Instagram’s recent removal […]

Jessica Beattie of HACIENDA

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Developing a successful lifestyle brand is no small task. Mastering many diverse categories is tough for even the sharpest marketing minds. The biggest key to success is identifying a market niche and growing it organically in ways that stay true to the core brand. Holding true to a unique point of view is essential no […]

Alix Goldsmith Marcaccini on Cuixmala

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There are few places in the world as awe-inspiring as the eco-resort Cuixmala.  And it’s not because of the brilliance of Robert Couturier’s architecture or the expansive views showcasing the kind of raw, unspoiled beauty you only see in the movies.  Instead, it’s the all-encompassing commitment to the environment and sustainability – a reflection of the heart […]

Commodity Fragrances- Behind the Brand

Commodity 100ml Black 6

We discovered Commodity fragrances via an article in Fast Company in early 2014, then experienced the brand’s Fitting Kit, and have had a high school-like crush on the scents ever since. And what’s not to love? Simply beautiful packaging, sophisticated fragrances and a fresh approach to marketing. After a late 2014 relaunch by two London based entrepreneurs, Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash […]

Record Store Day- The Interview


Records can change your life forever. The right song, the right band, can make you feel part of something much bigger and more powerful than yourself. Music has done that for me, and likely you, our reader. It’s that sense of community that inspired the founders of Record Store Day to connect and celebrate the […]

Natasha Case on Coolhaus

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Let’s talk about a revolution.   An ice cream revolution. Sometimes success comes out of an idea that’s totally novel and sometimes it’s about taking an existing product and just making it ten times better. In 2009 when Natasha Case and Freya Estreller chose Coachella to launch their gourmet, handcrafted ice cream sandwiches in a super-cool […]