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Branding gives your beauty brand or business an identity beyond its products, it serves as a visual introduction when developing a relationship with your ideal audience.

Truly great branding isn’t actually born, it’s crafted (by a great beauty startup branding agency, hint hint). The outward expression of the brand as it’s recognized in the market must be distinguishable from the competition, and that includes having verbal, visual, and messaging elements specifically designed to appeal to your target market.

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Our Services Include

Brand Identity

Create the complete visual foundation of your brand. Our comprehensive identity services include an overall visual strategy, logo, typography, font, color palette texture, and usage guidelines for all marketing communications.

Logo Design

A strong logo is essential for memorable brand building. We work with you to strategize your brand mark and create a standout logo design that’s either from scratch or a clever evolution of your current design.

Graphic Design

Brandettes offers a wide range of graphic design services to help support your brand’s ongoing sales and marketing needs. From packaging to brochures, email marketing, and even trade show booths, there’s no project too large or small for this beauty startup branding agency.


Ready to start something great?

Pre-launch startup?

Working with an experienced beauty startup branding agency, like Brandettes, allows you to accelerate your branding and save the time and resources associated with hiring full-time employees. Our team of experts work with you to create the foundation of your brand strategy and translate that, visually, into a brand identity that fits like a glove. Our unique discovery process, different from any other beauty startup branding agency, helps simplify and define the key attributes of your brand. We help you stand out and stand for something, crafting the ideal branding to stand out in today’s crowded CPG beauty market.

Established brand ready to evolve?

As your CPG beauty startup branding agency specialists, Brandettes works with you to thoughtfully and strategically evolve your brand identity through our unique discovery process. After all, you know your beauty brand and audience best. We’ll work together to outline your ultimate brand goals and establish the right tactics to truly help you stand out, from both a visual and verbal perspective.

About Our Process

Research + Strategy

Great design is more than just “pretty”, our beauty startup branding agency works to understand your goals, and the competitive landscape and develop a strategy for your unique identity.

Design Direction

We establish several design directions, all rooted in providing a clever, memorable, and relevant brand experience


With brand identities, simplicity is an advantage. Our beauty startup branding agency has developed a unique distillation process to edit for flexibility and function.


Receive all of your assets wrapped up with a virtual bow, in the file formats needed for use across all of your brand media

“Brandettes exceeded my expectations creating a logo and social media plan for me that I could immediately implement to grow my business. When I started working with Brandettes, I had no idea how comprehensive it would be. From the color palette to the social media plan they really got who I am, who my client is, and what I am trying to accomplish with my business. They provided me with options and asked for feedback every step of the way to ensure I was satisfied with the work. I learned so much and look forward to working together again on future projects”

- Dana Taylor, Principal, Indigo Studios

What makes a memorable brand?

Truly great branding isn’t actually born, it’s crafted (by a great beauty startup branding agency, like Brandettes, wink wink). The outward expression of the brand as it’s recognized in the market must be distinguishable from the competition, and that includes having verbal, visual, and messaging elements specifically designed to appeal to your target market. From the brand name to the logo, graphic design, tagline, and tone, branding synthesizes the discernible components of the brand and translates that into something visual that’s memorable. It presents the brand’s singular promise, the secret sauce as some would say. At our beauty startup branding agency, we always aim for a WOW!

Brand identity reinforces your position relative to the competition and articulates the intended brand message. It can also serve as a north star for the internal brand team, a visual cue that upholds and expresses the brand’s reputation. At Brandettes beauty startup branding agency, we work collaboratively with your team to distill the brand essence, leaning into clear and concise positioning to develop branding that serves the brand well both internally and externally.

Why branding?

Consumers make purchasing decisions based on what a brand says, does, and stands for – not just price or quality. So, how do you, in a sea of competitors stand out, stay relevant and drive sales growth? Branding.

A beauty startup branding agency’s role is to work collaboratively with you to identify your core values, purpose, promises, and relevancy and put together a compelling brand with can’t miss branding and graphic design (amongst other things) that resonates with your core consumer and target market.

services brand strategy positioning establish personaility brand voice
services brand strategy positioning target audience defined

What's involved in branding or re-branding?

Trust, intrigue, awareness, and experience are three of the many factors that help attract your target consumer to your brand. Foundational to all of them are design and branding. If you’re looking to develop your beauty brand, revitalize sales or explore new markets, we’re confident Brandettes is the beauty startup branding agency to help you design a brand that is not only recognizable but also loved.

After all, brand identity and any type of graphic design benefit from collaboration, which is core to our reputation as a leading beauty startup branding agency. We never create in a vacuum, that’s really no fun anyway. Ongoing communication and collaboration help our beauty startup branding agency produce outstanding content that works hard to accomplish the brand goals you’ve set. And hopefully, you see this work together as just the start of a beautiful, long-term relationship built on trust, talent, mutual respect, and a healthy dose of fun

Ready to hire your next beauty startup branding agency?

We offer a complete range of branding and graphic design services to meet all of your beauty brand and product needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started.

Brandettes is a beauty startup branding agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.