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Standout packaging in today’s crowded market is a must for any food and beverage brand. Shelves are crowded and first impressions are everything. You must grab a consumer’s attention and wow them from the start. From the container to the graphics, messaging and claims, all the elements of a great brand experience must be harmonized.

Whether it is a new concept, a modification to a current package or an aesthetic update, Brandettes’ agency team of experts can help bring your vision to life. We’re an award-winning food packaging design agency that obsesses over all of the finer details that add up to something truly excellent.

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Our Food Packaging Design Agency Services Include

Competitive Research

As a food packaging design agency, Brandettes agency works to understand your goals and the competitive landscape to develop a customized packaging design strategy that's right for your brand.

Primary + Secondary Packaging

Primary and secondary packaging are different in terms of their purpose and presentation. Whether you're looking at single-serve, multi packs or bulk sizing, we'll help you navigate the development process with ease

Functionality + Sourcing

Functionality for your product is important and several factors go into the process of identifying the best solution for your brand and budget. We have a full spectrum of resources for recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Graphic Design

Brandettes food packaging design agency has won back to back GDUSA Packaging Design awards for standout graphic design. Our expert agency team is ready to take on your next project. 

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Pre-launch startup?

Developing packaging can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to food and beverage products that require careful consideration. Ensuring your brand’s positive perception in the marketplace and facilitating the growth of your product while guaranteeing food safety can be a complex endeavor. At our food packaging design agency, we consistently explore innovative packaging solutions to safeguard product integrity during transportation, handling, and distribution.

Product protection is a vital aspect that we prioritize. Our food packaging design agency understands the paramount importance of preserving food safety throughout the supply chain. We are committed to delivering packaging designs that not only embody your brand but also provide optimal protection for your food products.

Moreover, packaging design plays a critical role in captivating consumers through its overall presentation. As an experienced food packaging design agency, we have successfully launched a diverse range of projects, equipping us with the know-how to transform your ideas into tangible products on the market shelves. Brandettes agency develops strategies that seamlessly align with your business goals and brand messaging. We invest time in collaborating with you and your team throughout the process, ensuring a positive experience.

Our food packaging design agency is dedicated to creating packaging solutions that captivate consumers, reinforce your brand identity, and contribute to the success of your products in the marketplace. With our expertise and personalized approach, we strive to exceed your expectations, delivering packaging that stands out, engages customers, and propels your business forward.

Packaging design is also one of the most essential components in attracting consumers through the overall presentation. As a food packaging design agency, we’ve helped launch a variety of projects, so we understand what it takes to transform an idea into an actual product on the market shelf. Brandettes agency creates strategies that fully integrate with your business goals and brand messaging. We take the time to work with you and your team throughout the process to ensure it’s a pleasant experience.

Established brand ready to evolve?

Brandettes agency is an award-winning food packaging design agency, catering specifically to consumer-packaged goods brands, commonly referred to as CPG brands. Our expertise lies in working with both emerging and established brands, relishing the opportunity to infuse new perspectives and innovative concepts into every project. Collaborating closely with you and your team, we will meticulously strategize and devise inventive ideas and objectives to meet your product and packaging design requirements.

Our comprehensive range of food packaging agency services extends beyond conventional design solutions. We offer complete ideation, process optimization, and brand architecture services, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to support you as a food packaging design agency. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver outstanding results that align with your brand’s vision, positioning you for success in the highly competitive CPG industry. Partner with Brandettes agency, and together we will embark on a transformative journey, breathing new life into your product and packaging design endeavors.

About Our Food Packaging Design Agency Process

Research + Strategy

Brandettes agency goal will be to thoroughly understand the competitive landscape within your category and classification.  We review the competitive set for colors, shapes, symbols and words to drive towards or avoid during the design process

Design Direction

Our talented designers will align your goals and work towards developing containers, graphics and communications that truly differentiate your brand within its category


As a food packaging design agency, we will customize and develop unique packaging elements that serve your creative and budgetary goals. And we'll do it with style!


Upon completion of the project, we will meticulously compile design assets and work with manufacturers or printers to make sure everything is crisp, clean and delivered on time

“40 years leading marketing at multiple global brands - Revlon, Sassoon, Matrix and others. Nikola is head and shoulders above anyone else I have worked with in my career. Her marketing expertise is beyond reproach.”

- Robert Yates, SVP, John Paul Mitchell Systems

What makes great food packaging design agency?

When customers make a purchasing decision, the packaging design often plays a crucial role in their evaluation. To captivate attention and distinguish your product on the shelf, an appealing and eye-catching design is paramount. There are several effective approaches we use as a food packaging design agency. Depending on your product and target audience, incorporating various visual effects can yield a stellar package. This may encompass vibrant colors, embossing, foils, and diverse textures. Moreover, a distinctive package structure can further enhance its visual appeal, setting it apart from the competition. Striking the right balance between attractiveness, uniqueness, and functionality is essential to crafting a remarkable packaging design.

As a specialized food packaging design agency, Brandettes agency possesses the expertise to create memorable packaging solutions. We will collaborate with you to devise a tailored plan that delivers the ultimate package for your brand. Our agency team remains attuned to current trends, ensuring that we provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions that breathe life into your brand. With our deep understanding of the intricacies as a food packaging design agency, we offer an array of highly attractive approaches. Allow our experts to guide you seamlessly through the process, unlocking the true potential of your packaging design.

How does food packaging design agency affect the brand experience?

In today’s crowded marketplace, having a remarkable packaging design is more crucial than ever to differentiate your brand from the competition. Packaging holds significant importance as it embodies the essence of your brand. With consumers relying on visual cues to make purchasing decisions, an eye-catching design that resonates with your target audience is essential. It serves as the face of your product and brand, capable of captivating consumers and drawing them towards your offering- that’s where Brandettes’ food packaging design agency can help.

Now, let’s explore the realm of secondary packaging and how it can elevate the unboxing experience. Have you ever received a beautifully crafted box when shopping online, instantly falling in love with the product before even opening it? The initial impression sets expectations for what awaits inside, shaping the customer’s perception and providing the ultimate brand experience.

Consider the kind of brand experience you desire for your consumers. Connect with Brandettes, the leading food packaging design agency, and let’s delve into your objectives. We thrive on challenges and take immense pleasure in collaborating with brands like yours to create extraordinary brand experiences for your valued customers.

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Can food packaging design agency re-fresh my existing packaging?

Brandettes agency excels in revitalizing existing packaging designs. Our food packaging design agency has worked with numerous clients seeking a “facelift” for their current packages, explore our case studies for examples. We understand the importance of adapting and evolving with the changing times, and that’s where Brandettes agency truly shines. To begin the process, we value understanding your goals and the specific aspects you wish to modify in your current packaging. Additionally, we will conduct a comprehensive brand audit and competitive analysis within your industry to identify opportunities that set you apart from your competitors. Through strategic thinking and customization, our food packaging design agency will devise a personalized plan to elevate your design and bring about the desired changes.

What should I know about the food packaging design agency process?

The visual appeal of your food and beverage packaging holds immense influence over consumer decisions. Achieving exceptional results requires a comprehensive design process. As a reputable food packaging design agency like Brandettes, we initiate a strategic plan after thorough consultations to fully grasp your objectives. We recognize that each product is unique, necessitating tailored packaging solutions. Our team of talented designers at our food packaging design agency delves into understanding your product, enabling us to conduct extensive research and devise the optimal strategy for your brand.

With our expertise in food packaging design, we present you with a diverse range of design concepts for your packaging, encompassing die lines, font styles, brand identity, color palettes, and imagery. We highly value your input and provide multiple opportunities for review and edits until the design is refined to your utmost satisfaction. Upon the successful completion of the project, we will deliver all the design assets your team requires to bring your vision to life. Trust Brandettes agency, the leading food packaging design agency, to elevate your packaging design and captivate your target audience.

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Brandettes agency offers a complete range of packaging design services to meet all of your brand and product needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started.

Brandettes agency is a food packaging design agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.