Country & Coasters @ Dollywood

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Bold, blonde and incredibly business savvy, it’s nearly impossible not to admire Dolly Parton. Her creativity and talent has touched hearts and inspired minds for over 40 years through music, movies, literature, amusement park attractions, resorts and so much more. She’s sold over 100 million records, worldwide, and is the most awarded and celebrated female […]

Loeffler Randall


Understated. Elegant. Timeless. Three words that perfectly describe the Loeffler Randall design aesthetic. Founded in 2004 by visionary Jesse Randall, this effortlessly chic brand has established its place in the fashion world by selling to Bergdorf Goodman in their first season, collaborating with brands like Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop and winning the coveted CFDA Swarovski Award for […]

hello- Naturally Friendly Oral Care

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Friendly and oral care haven’t always gone hand in hand, until now. Enter the game-changing brand with a strong sense of fun, hello. Hello has taken a totally fresh approach to caring for our pearly whites via formula innovation, packaging excellence and a healthy sense of humor since 2013. The big four (Procter & Gamble […]

3 Smart Baby Devices That Innovate

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As a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of baby and kid products out there. I remember finding it difficult to differentiate between the essentials and non-essentials (probably could have passed on that wipes warmer!).  If that wasn’t enough, as wearable technology continues to build momentum a new generation of smart […]

Kickstarter Kool- Meet Freya Estreller of Ludlows

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Getting together with friends this weekend? Instead of the standard bottle of wine, bring something completely unexpected – Ludlows pre-packaged, all natural, craft cocktail Jelly Shots.  Made with premium alcohol, Ludlows is available in five flavors: Fresh Lime Margarita, Moscow Mule, Planter’s Punch, Meyer Lemon Drop and Old Fashioned.  It’s the Jell-O shot from your college years completely […]

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

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Signs are ubiquitous, an essential piece of branding for businesses around the globe. We’ve been told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s not that simple. Signs and logos express a brand’s personality and, when done right, give a picture of a specific industry, product, or showcase an experience. So what does a […]

Brand Whats???

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Brandettes, this adventurous collaboration between my partner, Christina Marcaccini, and I has been a long time in the making. About 15 years ago (can I pretend we too were 15?) a group of four girls bonded over good music, a love for beauty and their brand manager titles. We worked long hours, took long lunches and […]

Coachella Valley Vogue- The Fine Art of Design

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Some say fashion is fleeting, but at The Fine Art of Design, founder Nicolas Delgado has discovered that clothes are truly artifacts of culture. Located in Palm Desert, CA, The Fine Art of Design is a vintage boutique like none other- a temple of remarkable design and impeccable taste. Delgado is a talented curator, bringing […]

Love. Lust. Liberator.

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Over and over we hear the phrase “sex sells”. It’s certainly one of the tools in a marketers toolbox, whether overt or flirtatious, it always proves provocative. But how about actually marketing adult toys, that’s got to be pretty in your face, right? Wrong. Liberator is branding sex in a whole different way, for a […]

Alix Goldsmith Marcaccini on Cuixmala

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There are few places in the world as awe-inspiring as the eco-resort Cuixmala.  And it’s not because of the brilliance of Robert Couturier’s architecture or the expansive views showcasing the kind of raw, unspoiled beauty you only see in the movies.  Instead, it’s the all-encompassing commitment to the environment and sustainability – a reflection of the heart […]