Tapping the Cold Brew Caffeine Craze w/ High Brew

high brew coffee feature

Cold brew coffee is the latest craze taking hold of those of us who are caffeine obsessed (my hand is raised). With two thirds less acid and a slightly sweeter taste than hot brewed coffee, it offers a flavorful, smooth-tasting alternative to the traditional cup of joe. Cold brew is not just iced coffee. Not […]

Meet Douglas Little of Window Warriors

FINALCOVERvan cleef arpels jewelery holiday windows props and decoration by douglas little 1359617821 3 1

Visionary.  Tastemaker.  Creative Genius. Three terms used to describe an elite few and artist Douglas Little most certainly makes the cut.  I had the privilege of working with Douglas when we were both just kids beginning our careers.  With Douglas, there was never a “remember when he was just…”  Douglas was always a standout.  Brilliant and authentic, he is […]

The Greenbrier Resort

A final The Greenbrier Front Entrance

My fascination with The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV began as a child. Massive and magnificent, I felt like a princess in a palace, a fairytale come to life. Years later when I returned as an adult, I was surprised to discover that The Greenbrier still delivered every ounce of the splendor and awe that […]

Pedego Electric Bikes

pedego feature

2014 was a banner year for the bike industry in the United Sates, ushering in a 5% increase against a zero growth trend that goes all the way back to 2003. Bikers looking to ride for fun, for sport or to commute purchased over 18 million new bikes last year- that’s a lot of wheels! I’m […]

American Giant’s Hoodie Revolution

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Apparel-wise, there are not many pieces more satisfying than a plush, well-made hoodie. Comforting and comfortable, a good hoodie can wrap you up in softness that feels like something between mom’s cashmere sweater and those footie pajamas we rolled around in as kids. But what if you wanted go beyond “good” to reinvent the hoodie […]

7 Secrets to Winning a Product Award

Award winning productsFINAL 2

Most of us in the beauty industry really love what we do.  So when product award season comes around, getting outside validation for a product that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is about as good as it gets. The competition can be fierce – awards have the power to drive significant product sales […]

Marketing Pay 2 Play

pay2play feature

Making an independent documentary film is about as tough as it gets. Most filmmakers need investors or a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise enough capital to even start production. And once that labor of love is completed, you need to find a way for people to see it. For many indie docs, festivals are the […]

Art-o-Mat’s Vend Art

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Delight and surprise are powerful aspects of a great brand experience. Layer in clever design and interactivity and you’ve hit a home run. Art-o-mat®, an organization that repurposes vintage cigarette vending machines into one-of-a-kind vend art dispensaries, is connecting with both the voracious art collector and the casual passerby that gets caught up in the […]

A Cutting Edge Concept- Barbershops & Booze

barbers feature

A cutting edge cut and single malt scotch have not always been comfortable bedfellows, until now. Barbershop/bar hybrids are on the rise across the U.S., praised for their quirky brand of cool that delivers far beyond convenience. And we’re not talking about barbershops that serve complimentary beer or wine while you wait; these are full […]

Ruby Mint

rubymintNC feature

Hot trends come in and out like the waves of the Pacific- catch a quick glimpse before the tide rolls back and another buzzed about brand takes its place. But epic design, the unassuming kind that takes something familiar and gives it a special twist, endures. For a very long time, beach gear and great […]